Locks for grates

Double ward TIGHT locks for metal doors that can save room as well as guarantee security. Hook-bolt driven by handle. Lock of the handle by double ward key with 2 turns. Lateral locks with bolt, double locks with rods, 3 locking points locks with bolt and rods. Entrance 25,30,35mm.

Line of locks for metal doors European cylinder EXTENSION. Bolt and gear rods mechanism driven by handle square. Lock of the handle by cylinder key. The name EXTENSION points out the rods stroke of 30mm, the longest one on the market with entrance 25,30 and 35mm. Fixing of rods M8 or quick coupling of rods. Strong and reliable line interchangeable with the ones in commerce but with a longer stroke of rods and relevant high security.

Locks HERCULES for grates, security shutters and extensible gates arranged for European cylinder. Operation of bolt and rods by gear mechanism activated by European cylinder key. Rods strode 24mm, universal hand right or left. Suitable also for tubes 30x40mm with thickness 2mm. Entrance 20/25mm, available with rods and bolt or rods only. Balancing or hook bolt.